SSL VPN Competitive Analysis

SSL VPN Gateways: Delivering Superior ROI with Integrated Security - JAPANESE VERSION

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Document Number: 205132JP

Publication Date: 10/12/2005

Page Count: 28


Check Point commissioned The Tolly Group to validate the security and functionality claims the company has made concerning the Connectra SSL/VPN appliance. In total, 13 tests were conducted in August 2005 at a Check Point lab in Tel Aviv, Israel, and validated on-site by Tolly Group personnel.

Check Point’s Connectra NGX was tested against three other SSL VPN products: F5 Networks, Inc.’s FirePass 1000, Cisco System Inc.’s VPN Concentrator 3005 and Juniper Networks, Inc. NetScreen-SA 1000. Tests show that Check Point’s Connectra NGX offers much greater depth of protection over SSL VPN links than any of the other three products. Connectra was the only product to pass all of the tests.

Tests results underscore a basic philosohical difference in the architectures of the tested products. Check Point integrates endpoint security with extensive gateway-based security facilities that focus on protecting the network transport, guard against application attacks and protect backend Web servers and applications from network-borne threats. Other products tested provide just basic SSL VPN connectivity.

Japanese translation of Tolly Group document 205132. If there are any issues between the two documents, the English language document takes precedent.

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