Huawei NE16EX Series Multi-Service Enterprise Routers Feature Validation

Huawei NE16EX Series Multi-Service Enterprise Routers Feature Validation

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Document Number: 213138

Publication Date: 9/3/2013

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As IP networks become the unified platform for information and communication technology (ICT) services, enterprises are increasingly focused on routers’ high performance, high availability and multi-service support.plication control and integrated WLAN Access Controller functionalities are all necessary for today’s enterprise routers.

Huawei NE16EX series enterprise routers are developed upon Huawei’s VRP (versatile routing platform) and are ideal as aggregation or access nodes for backbone networks, large/medium campus environments, enterprise headquarters and branch offices.

Tolly engineers verified that the Huawei NE16EX series routers support high availability features - IP/LDP/TE Fast Reroute; traffic statistics analysis feature - NetStream; security features - firewall, SSL VPN, DSVPN, IPsec VPN; broadband services - PPPoE server, L2TP tunnel, etc.

Additionally, Tolly engineers measured the failover time using fast reroute (FRR) in multiple MPLS and IP scenarios and validated that the FRR convergence time was less than 12.5ms.

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