Huawei NE05E Series Mid-Range RouterHigh Availability, Features and Capacity Evaluation

Huawei NE05E Series Mid-Range Service RouterHigh Availability, Features and Capacity Evaluation

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Document Number: 215127

Publication Date: 8/19/2015

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Huawei NetEngine05E (NE05E) series is the cloud era ENP-based Mid- range Service Router developed for transportation, finance, power, government, education and enterprises Agile networks. The NE05E series router can be flexibly deployed as the IP/MPLS edge router to meet users’ diverse needs for future business development.

Huawei commissioned Tolly to evaluate their NE05E series router’s high availability, performance and features.

Tolly engineers verified that the NE05E series router supported 8K FIBv4
and 2K FIBv6 entries, high availability features including IP Hard Pipe,
BFD and FRR, fault detection technologies including IEEE 802.1ag (CFM),
ITU-T Y.1731, MPLS_TP, etc., network quality analyzing technologies
including FPM, TWAMP, RFC2544, Y.1564, etc.

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