D-Link DXS-5000-54S Open Network Switch Evaluation

D-Link DXS-5000-54S Open Network Switch10GbE, Performance, Feature & Network Resilience Evaluation

Sponsor: D-Link Systems, Inc.

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Document Number: 218141

Publication Date: 11/12/2018

Page Count: 8


Open Network Switches provide network architects with new possibilities with respect to their choices in network hardware and network operating system software.

D-Link commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance and functionality of its DXS-5000-54S Open Switch powered by the Pluribus Netvisor ONE operating system. Testing encompassed throughput performance and latency, resilience in a multi-switch, leaf-spine configuration as well as extensive feature/function testing.

Tolly engineers verified wire-speed L2 throughput and latency across two ports of a 10GbE switch, verified rapid reconvergence times in multi-switch failover scenarios and validated nearly 50 features in areas including L2/L3, automation, VXLAN, QoS, DHCP, mirroring, analytics and management.

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