H3C CR19000 Cluster Router Evaluation - Simplified Chinese

H3C CR19000 Cluster RouterPerformance Evaluation and Feature Validation - Simplified Chinese

Sponsor: New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd

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Document Number: 219121ZH

Publication Date: 4/23/2019

Page Count: 8


The rapid growth of multimedia and cloud service traffic requires continuous network capacity expansion for telecommunications service providers and enterprises. Single-chassis core routers’ limitation on capacity, high availability and scalability becomes more significant.

The H3C CR19000 series cluster router is the new generation telecommunication service provider level core router developed by New H3C. It’s ideal to be used for service provider’s backbone nodes, Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) core nodes, and data center backbone interconnection nodes.

Tolly engineers evaluated the H3C CR19000 router’s performance in a CR19000-20 2+2 cluster and verified the product’s high capacity, high availability and advanced features.

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