H3C AD-DC Solution (Application Driven Data Center Solution) Functionality Validation

H3C AD-DC Solution (Application Driven Data Center Solution) Functionality Validation

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Document Number: 221154

Publication Date: 5/11/2022

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As organizations of all sizes across all industries, such as governments and enterprises, continue to advance digital transformation and improve the agility and flexibility of their IT systems, and in doing so, improve organizational efficiency and competitive advantage. Hybrid IT environments and multi-clouds are being used as indispensable tools for this purpose. Data center networks support multi-cloud environments with agility, elastic scalability, security and operational efficiency, and with a consistent network architecture that meets the needs of local cloud data centers and extends to public and edge cloud environments.

The Application Driven Data Center (AD-DC) solution is H3C’s new generation data center network solution, based on the cloud and intelligence native architecture, integrating management, control and intelligent analysis functions. H3C commissioned Tolly to evaluate the AD-DC solution, and the results show that the H3C AD-DC solution provides complete data center network lifecycle automation, intelligent operation and maintenance, comprehensive security protection, flexible networking architecture, and multi-level high availability. This open platform provides programmability, which can meet the network requirements of organization's hybrid IT and multi-cloud environment, ensures the agility and flexibility of organization's IT environment, and greatly improve the business efficiency of customers.

Video summary here: https://www.tolly.com/publications/detail/221155

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