cPacket cStor® 100S Packet Capture & Analysis Observability Node Ethernet CTD Evaluation

cPacket cStor® 100S Packet Capture & Analysis Observability Node Ethernet Capture-to-Disk Evaluation

Sponsor: cPacket Networks

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Document Number: 223119

Publication Date: 6/4/2023

Page Count: 6


Network accountability requires network observability. Whether the focus is reducing service outages, proving compliance, isolating security threats, or accelerating incident response, it is essential to be able to store and replay network traffic. cPacket Networks provides this observability by delivering a high-performance capture-to-disk (CTD) solution that can reliably keep up with today’s 100GbE networks.

cPacket Networks commissioned Tolly to evaluate the capture-to-disk performance of its cPacket cStor 100S Packet Capture & Analysis Observability Node. Tests encompassed: 1) Baseline performance, 2) Performance with analytics enabled, 3) Packet download during capture, and 4) Packet search and download during capture. Tests were run on both the base 288 TB 4U system alone and then augmented by the 4RU cPacket extensible storage (CES) system for a total capacity of 2 PB and with both 40/100GbE network interfaces.

The cPacket cStor 100S solution was able to execute all tasks without degradation or packet loss.

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