Huawei eSight ICT Unified Management System Feature Validation

Huawei eSight ICT Unified Management System Feature Validation

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Document Number: 223140

Publication Date: 10/8/2023

Page Count: 22


Huawei eSight is an integrated, converged operations and maintenance management solution for enterprises. It enables the unified management of switches, routers, WLAN, firewalls, video surveillance, servers, storage, microwave, PON devices, and server operating systems. It provides centralized management, visual monitoring, intelligent analysis, and other functions for enterprise ICT equipment, effectively helping enterprises improve operational efficiency, reduce operational costs, enhance

resource utilization, and ensure the stable operation of the ICT system.

Huawei commissioned Tolly to evaluate key features of eSight, including unified resource management, wired and wireless network convergence management, server management, storage management, application management, virtual resource management, PON device management, intelligent video surveillance management capabilities, as well as report management, permission-based and region-based user roles, and third-party device management.

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