AF F1-eco Server FPGA Cloud Server Performance vs. Power Consumption

AF F1-eco Server FPGA Cloud Server Performance vs. Power Consumption

Sponsor: Archeo Futurus

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Document Number: 223142

Publication Date: 9/20/2023

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Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are integrated circuits designed to be configured (programmed) by a designer after manufacturing. FPGAs can provide high performance usually associated with ASICs but with unprecedented flexibility.

Kyudoka Capital Corporation is a financial technology infrastructure company leveraging AF F1-eco technology to provide next generation, ultra high-performance systems that search, analyze, sort, and predict. ITF Global Partners, established in 2003, integrates sustainability and innovative technologies into its financial advisory services. Specializing in green investments, next-generation tech ventures, and sustainable operational strategies.

Archeo Futurus, Kyudoka, and ITF Global Partners commissioned Tolly to benchmark the cloud services server performance and power consumption of its AF F1-eco solution. The testing focused on measuring “worst case” small packet performance for three key web protocols: HTTPS (encrypted web), HTTP (standard web), and DNS (URL name resolution). Testing was conducted in 2021. A new section, focused on Total Cost of Ownership ( TCO) versus Amazon Web Services, was added in 2023.

The Archeo Futurus F1-eco server was able to process over 100,000 HTTPS responses per Watt, nearly one million HTTP responses per Watt, and over 5.5 million DNS responses per Watt.

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