Tolly Group Services - "The Power of Proof"

We call it "The Power of Proof" - and providing this proof is the ultimate goal in virtually all of our project. This power had been proven for hundreds of IT vendors for over 30 years.
Test areas include:

  • Benchmarking "Speeds & Feeds"
  • Benchmarking Security Solution Effectiveness
  • Validating Feature Claims
  • Evaluating Ease-of-Use

  • Because all testing is confidential, you can decide later whether the results are to be used for external marketing or fed back to engineering for product improvement.

    The Tolly Group is US-based, located in South Florida. You can conserve your internal lab resources and ship your solution to us and we can handle all of the setup and testing.

    Many of our vendor clients prefer to use their own lab to set up the test, and that works just fine. Using remote collaboration tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, Tolly engineers can work with your team and conduct tests just as if we were physically present. Using the remote, virtual audit approach not only provides cost savings (since you aren't paying Tolly to set up the test bed) but provides flexibility in starting/stopping the testing should configurations require some days time to switch from test to test.

    Regardless of technology area, "Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)" is always an important consideration. We have conducted TCO studies in many technology areas, including: VoIP, LAN Switching, Firewalls, IP Address management, and more.
    As for a consultation to discuss how we can help you quantify the TCO of your solution.

    While the Tolly Report is the core project deliverable, our customers leverage the "Power of Proof" through many outlets. Various forms of video can help drive interest in the report results. Webinars and podcasts can broaden the reach with "on demand" helping provide lead capture for a year or more.
    As the Tolly readership is global, many vendor clients work with us to localize their reports into multiple languages. In fact, one can find reports in over a dozen languages on our site.

    Example of Tolly video below...

    Building upon test projects that Tolly has conducted for Data Discovery, DLP, and CASB vendors, Tolly has developed a corpus of test data under its "Test Data Service" that can be used for internal and external solution validation by industry vendors.
    For more information, see: Tolly Test Data Service.

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