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Title: Fusion ioControl n5 Hybrid Storage Architecture Performance Comparison versus Conventional NVRAM+SSD+Disk Architecture

Publication date:   15 October 2013
Document number:    213154


Conventional hybrid storage solutions use NVRAM (non-volatile RAM/flash) to cache data before writing to disk, then augment performance with an SSD read cache. While such solutions generally offer acceptable performance for small datasets, they are ultimately limited by the configuration and number of SSDs that can be deployed. In contrast, a hybrid storage approach can leverage PCIe based flash to provide better performance. This not only provides direct (non-SATA/SAS) access to block-level storage and fast read/write caching, but also allows for greater disk capacity per array shelf.

Fusion-io commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance of its ioControl Hybrid storage approach against a similarly-equipped conventional NVRAM+SSD+Disk hybrid solution. Tolly found the Fusion-io solution to offer high performance and scalability. In block level access tests, Fusion-io provided up to 7X better performance than the conventional NVRAM+SSD+Disk solution under test.

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