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Title: GreatHorn Cloud Email Security Platform vs. Proofpoint Essentials

Publication date:   01 March 2021
Document number:    221107


Threat actors are always seeking new methods to access and compromise corporate data. Email is a preferred path into organizations for many hackers as virtually every organization depends upon email and, almost universally, email is a communications path between outside and inside. As companies strive to erect barriers to hackers, the hackers strive to find new and often very sophisticated ways to overcome those barriers and access corporate data.

GreatHorn’s Cloud Email Security Platform is a purpose-built security solution focused on meeting the demands of today’s cloud- based email offerings. As organizations have shifted to cloud email platforms (Google Workspace, formerly G-Suite and Microsoft 365), and phishing attacks have evolved to include zero-day attacks and increasingly complex social engineering tactics, a multi-layered approach to more effectively respond to risk across each stage of the entire email lifecycle is required.

GreatHorn commissioned Tolly to evaluate the email security feature set and capabilities of its solution and compare that with capabilities of Proofpoint. Specifically, this comparison was made with Proofpoint Essentials.

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