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Title: Webinar: Elevating Your Firewall Protection to the Cloud

Publication date:   12 May 2022
Document number:    222126


Tolly benchmarked the throughput and connection performance of SonicWall’s NSv 470 virtual firewall in AWS. Tolly engineers used Keysight’s CyPerf cloud-native testing solution to provide the test infrastructure for standardized, repeatable performance tests.

Join Tolly Group CEO Kevin Tolly; Keysight Technologies Senior Product Mgr. Amritam Putatunda; and SonicWall Dir. of Product Marketing Ajay Uggirala as they explore:

• Which firewall services can secure the public cloud

• The best way to deploy and test a firewall in a public cloud infrastructure

• What sort of performance you can expect from your SonicWall NGFW in AWS cloud, as validated by experts at Keysight and Tolly Group

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